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Self-Directed IRA & Mineral Rights

Take control of your investments through a self-directed IRA. Owning minerals beats spending money on drilling oil and gas wells. Own a piece of every barrel extracted, without drilling

Who is it for?

High-net-worth investors seeking to build their retirement account – if you don't already have a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA), you can setup and start investing as soon as funds are added to your SDIRA.

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our SDIRA Team

David Day - Business Development Manager at Eckard Enterprises LLC

David Day

Business Development Manager

David is the quarterback of the SDIRA Team at Eckard Enterprises, and a go-to person for many of our private investors seeking to develop a successful energy portfolio. If there’s something you need, David is a great resource.


Amanda Kay

Retirement Wealth Specialist

Amanda offers partners and investors the advantage of in-depth knowledge of investment vehicles and products, comprehensive portfolio construction and a passion of helping investors reach their financial goals.

From Real Estate To Owning Mineral Rights

Troy W. Eckard, CEO and Manager, discusses how mineral rights are very much like real estate – investors can 1031 Exchange from real estate to minerals

Webinars with top IRA custodians

We’ve teamed up with top IRA custodians to offer our investors resources and information about the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs and mineral rights ownership. If you want to get some more details, this is a great place to start digging through the information.

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Reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about SDIRAs and mineral ownership.

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picture of SDIRA-ebook_how investors use a self-directed ira to invest in minerals
How investors Use A Self-Directed IRA to Invest In Minerals

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