Do All States Have Mineral Rights?

Owning oil and gas minerals today may not be what it used to be, depending on what state you live in. A common question we receive is “which states have mineral rights?” The easy answer is they all have mineral rights in some form, but the laws governing them vary by state. Knowing the laws in your state and speaking with an expert about them can help you make the most of your mineral rights investing. Here’s a brief history about mineral rights in the United States and what you need to know about buying or selling mineral rights in your state.

Brief History of Mineral Rights in The United States

Dating back to the 1800s and beyond, mineral rights have evolved significantly. They were typically owned by the government for each state. It wasn’t until around 1867 that mineral rights in the state of Texas were granted to the actual surface landowner. In New Mexico, property owners were not granted mineral rights until 1888. And landowners in Arizona did not own mineral rights until 1925. These are just a few examples of the evolution of oil and gas minerals across the United States and highlights on how different the laws can be.

Laws Vary Among States

Anyone interested in mineral rights investing need to understand the laws specifically in their state. While Texas and Oklahoma are rich in oil and gas minerals, the laws that govern them are different. Working with an expert who knows the ins-and-outs of the laws in the state you want to own mineral rights in will give your investment a better chance of success.

Buying or Selling Mineral Rights in Your State

One of the aspects of mineral rights investing you need to understand is the difference between mineral rights and surface rights. Different states may view these differently, so understanding the fine print on any agreement is essential. Experts in mineral rights investing can evaluate your proposed agreement and determine its validity based on the laws governed in your state. Buying and selling oil and gas minerals can be a lucrative investment, so it’s well worth exhausting all of your resources to ensure your bases are covered.

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