Video • Paralysis In The Capital Markets

Paralysis in the capital markets As an investor, economist by heart, and energy investment manager for many high-net-worth investors, Troy W. Eckard is sitting on the front line. The paralysis in the capital markets is not going unnoticed.

Video • The Modern Day Gold Rush

Modern-day gold rush

What has changed over time that makes oil and gas minerals the modern day gold rush? Troy W. Eckard is talking about today’s mineral rights.

Video • The Secret – Eckard’s AML Strategy

The Secret - Eckard's AML Strategy

Eckard’s AML Strategy to share why Eckard Land and Acquisition is excelling in the mineral rights sector. David Day, Business Development Manager at Eckard Enterprises, is asking Troy W. Eckard what AML is all about.

Video • Oklahoma Mineral Acquisition During Crisis

Oklahoma Mineral Acquisition During Crisis

Oklahoma Mineral Acquisition David Day is asking questions on behalf of investors, so Troy W. Eckard can provide answers. Above all, this is for investors wanting answer about the current oil and gas industry.

Video – How To Determine Mineral Rights Value

Hot to determine the mineral rights value

How To Determine Mineral Rights Value In determining the oil and gas mineral value there are two main points:(1) What oil and gas reserves do we have below surface?(2) When is that value being extracted? There’s no Zillow, or MLS database for mineral rights. This makes the sale and purchase of mineral rights subjective, and […]