Tips for Selling Your Mineral Rights

Finding a buyer for your mineral rights is not a quick process, but it’s also not an overly complicated process if you use the resources available to you. When investors are ready to sell their oil and gas minerals, they need to understand exactly where the market stands, what laws govern their Oklahoma minerals, what the value of their minerals are and more. Most of the time it’s valuable for investors to have experts take care of these things for them, but it’s still important for the investor themselves to have some background knowledge. Here are some tips to understand when selling your mineral rights.

Research Market Trends

Even though you may be ready to sell your oil and gas minerals, it may not be the best time to do so financially. The value of Oklahoma minerals can fluctuate, so researching market trends, talking to industry professionals, and gathering as much information as possible is critical to making the most out of your investment. In fact, a good strategy would be to start gathering information in and around your mineral rights and understanding market trends. In addition to exploration companies leasing or buying your mineral rights, there are private equity firms, institutional investors, and other energy investors that are looking to partake in the oil and gas industry. The volume of your acreage position and exposure to highly reputable oil companies drilling your minerals will determine the group of investors you may attract. This will give you first-hand knowledge of how the market has been going so you can feel more confident entering an agreement when the time is right for you.

Understand The Law

Hiring a lawyer at the right time will protect both you and the buyer. If you hire one too early, you’ll likely be paying unnecessary legal fees. Other experts in Oklahoma minerals are available to help you throughout the process, and these experts are knowledgeable about the laws that govern the oil and gas minerals across the country. Some laws are the same across the board, but some are state-specific. Once both parties come to a preliminary agreement, have a lawyer review the language to ensure there are no gray areas.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Negotiating

The biggest mistake mineral owners make is agreeing to sell their minerals too quickly. Oil and gas companies want to make you an attractive offer upfront because they don’t want to enter lengthy negotiations. However, while their offer may seem acceptable on the surface, chances are there’s language in their proposed agreement that limits your ROI. Work with an expert to help you get the appropriate information and resources you need to make the most informed decision. 

Eckard Land & Acquisition is actively reviewing minerals in Oklahoma and other shale basins, and available to mineral owners to provide feedback. We are constantly researching and monitoring market trends, keeping up with the latest laws governing oil and gas minerals, and are dedicated to helping mineral owners make the best decisions for them. We focus on the aggregation, maturation, and liquidation of mineral rights for investors and mineral owners large and small, so never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need expert advice.