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Expertise and knowledge

What We Offer

35+ years

Knowledge is key to finding investment opportunities in the energy industry that provide immediate cash-flow.

Asset Management

... so you don't have to manage. We oversee all assets and deliver financial reports for you to review on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Earn residual income through cash-flowing assets, like mineral rights. Our investments are picked with income in mind.

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Our Principles

AML Strategy

Our Principles

Eckard is focused on Aggregating undervalued assets, Maturating the assets over time, and Liquidating at the right time.

The “AML”strategy is a product of 35 years of personally investing and managing wealthy investor portfolios in energy. Fragmented industries void of a centralized market creates market chaos, that chaos creates opportunity. This approach to investment opportunities has been at the core of Eckard Enterprises since the beginning.


Focusing on smaller assets of similar class, characteristics, and market unity helps create a large basket of undervalued assets. Big equity players do not seek, or invest in, asset “crumbs”. You need major grouping of assets that can move your financial needle. We believe that inexperienced mineral owners will sell for less in a macro market, while Eckard is able to manage and profit from successfully negotiated deals with more favorable terms for our partners.


We are buying bags of seeds. Eckard is acquiring under-matured or pre-developed assets, that given proper management, capital for growth, and time, can turn those same assets into a value basis worth multiples of what they were originally valued. Eckard sees the growth period being between 48-60 months. This allows for market shifts, maximum tax advantages, reduction of investment basis via cash flow, and increases in value through development. It’s like watching germinated seeds being planted, knowing one day the future fruit will be substantial in terms of value and financial rewards.


No one wants to sell the race horse when it’s winning. Troy’s experience has shown him that every asset has a reasonable maturity date and once that time comes, the best plan is to sell when the market is ripe for a prudent exit to capture maximum values. This allows us to maximize our hand, minimize financial downsides, and re-capitalize each of our accounts at the beginning of a new opportunity cycle.